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A few days ago was the birthday of Antigone's and my art career. It was just a little over three years ago that together we made the decision to pursue our dreams together. A few bumps along the way, here we are! For those of you who gave us your birthday wishes, thanks so much! It means a lot that you still check in on us <3

Slowly getting more active and picking up a bit more speed again with this page. Just last night I posted a new piece of artwork:

This piece Almost completes the leftover work owed to people from Faerie's Dice. Sorry for the lack of icon btw, our premium sub ran out... SPEAKING OF!! Anyone want to help kickstart us a bit by donating a premium subscription? Things are picking up here, so rest assured your donation would not be in vein!

Lastly: If it seems like we aren't very active here, it's because we are extremely active elsewhere!... And yeah that activity will translate here soon! But for now... Here are some Social Media plugs if you wanna see what we are both up to.

Antigone first, since she is the cute sexy girl.. and well... let's face it...! Everyone would much talk to a cutie like her than a bony hairy man child like myself! x-x

Antigone is actually now a full time 18+ Nude Model and a Cosplayer! Fun stuff huh? Who woulda guessed?!

Her website:

Her DA: :iconfeywilde:

Her Facebook Page:…

Her tumblr too:

Support her business if you can. She does amazing work and really bares herself for a good cause. She's taken it upon herself to continue the passionate work of Faerie's Dice by using her own body as a medium. She's put herself up to a noble cause, and has carried the creative fire for us both this past year, and has inspired women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities to have confidence in themselves and love their bare bodies. 

Alright... My shit...

I've been her nude photographer and have taken most of the photos you see of her... It's been really tough work! But that's mainly what I've been up to. I've also done work for other girls that do adult model work... but eh... due to various copyright contracts, I can't post much of their works.

My Facebook Photography Page:

My art/nude photography tumblr blog:

My Twitter:

And so that's it really! We have a lot we are planning as usual... But I'll try not to hype anything too much. Please though, if you haven't already! Follow both of us on whatever social media you can, and spread the word of our return to the art world. We definitely need all of the support we can get, both as a nude model/photographer, and as visual artist.


Kulcheck Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
allways have been there mate. allways will be ^_^
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